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Blog no 134: Why you should stay calm when you’re prioritising

When thoughts come over you about something / anything that normally stresses you out (it doesn’t matter how small it is), try not to turn to your past forget about it techniques e.g. getting away from it all by partying with friends while you may have been drunk, or on drugs, or had one night stands. All of those possible things you might have turned to in your past, usually lead to deep regret and self-loathing. Possibly you’d end up financially broke, on a come down from being high on drugs, being sick from too much alcohol or having caught an STD from your one night stand.

Rather than turning to any very youngish playful at first things to do that fill you with inner hatred and don’t leave your brain working very well for you to prioritise sensibly and kindly for yourself and possibly others. Try these steps to calmly prioritise…

If you can’t figure something out straight away when you're making a decision(s) - ask yourself why you need to make the decision(s). Is it or are they really important to you and your life – (that sometimes are a difficult decision(s) to make) that the decision(s) need to be prioritised when the decision(s) have been made?

If you find yourself doing things that used to make you happy, so you felt better, but they were slowly destroying you – such as smoking, drinking or taking drugs or eating way too much - find alternatives out there that won’t destroy you and will strengthen you to feel able to stay calm when you’re prioritising.

You’ll find them if you search by talking to your doctor or your counsellor – they give you self-help answers you can follow, plus there are phone and internet helplines out there for advice.

If you behave in very mature, wise and intelligent ways (the ways mentioned in this blog), you’ll thank yourself. Your mind and your body (so your health) will feel much better, happier and relieved that you've made your decision(s) that you've prioritised well in a calm and healthy way.

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