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Blog: 208 Be a pleasure to be around by…..

Be a pleasure to be around by….

not doubting yourself, respecting & being kind to yourself and others.

If you do these things, you’ll become more confident (without having a big ego please).

You’ll bring out the best in you if you trust yourself that this is possible.

Sometimes you’ll go out at night to have a good time with your friends, when you might have a drink or two of alcohol, but please try to remember alcohol can let you forget who you really are and what you want and need in your life. If you get drunk in front of a person you need to impress by you being a pleasure to be around, you might not get what you want in your life, because they might not have liked who you were being while you were drunk.

It will lead to you having regrets (I’m sure you know this is never a nice feeling to have).

Please don’t forget your desire to be a wonderful person who is a pleasure to be around.

Now who doesn’t want to be liked by everyone they meet in their life? Nobody right.

If you are a pleasure to be around, you’ll regularly be invited to hang out with your favourite people, who you probably think are rather cool. They must think you’re a cool pleasure to be around person or they wouldn’t have invited you to hang out with them.

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