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About LauraMac Community


I’ve had a very varied life – lots of ups and downs – like most of us hey. I started off my life living with my psychotic alcoholic addicted to gambling dad, so seeing my mum being beaten up daily and me being raped by him and made to eat my own poo was how my early days life went up to the age of 12. But because I inherited my dad’s intelligence level I’ve always been to private schools on scholarships, because we were very poor – my mum earned the minimum wage as a nurse that should be illegal, because she helped to save many lives. My dad took most our money. We’re lucky we didn’t stave to death. I am clever and a great dancer, I started ballet when I was 2 and I was rather pretty – I won my first beauty pageant when I was 3, but because of my dad always telling me I wasn’t clever, talented or pretty enough I had zero confidence.

The flip side is, I was first engaged when I was 6 years old and I’ve never struggled to have and keep wonderful inside and outside gorgeous boyfriends. I’m an only child, so I’m great with people because I had to have loads of friends for sleepovers at my house - for great company. I know the best ways to make and keep friends is to be a kind, caring great listener, who makes people laugh even when life is tough for others. I understand genuinely smiling because you feel content, safe, happy and loved by others and yourself – really helps you to have a wonderful life with minimal worries, because there is always someone to turn to, because I’ve always been the person people turn to. I did well in my GCSE’S and my A-LEVELS, then before I moved to London for 10 years to get my Theatre Dance degree where you academically study, there is so much more than pointing your toes all day – I had to do well in my final performance and do well in my dissertation – I travelled the world. I wanted to see many parts of my home - Earth and meet many of Earth’s people before I became a well structured, balanced and hopefully well off adult. London was a too expensive place to live while trying to make it as a dancer, so I moved to my now home city Bristol, UK and it makes me very happy because it’s full of fun, mainly happy and ambitious young at heart folks – me being one of them and my mum lives here too. On the night of my 33rd birthday I was hit at 50 miles an hour by a police car and went 50 feet down the road which shattered everything – so my modeling days are over. I very briefly went to Heaven, met Marilyn Monroe (my hero), Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix wanted to sleep with me, but God wouldn’t let us, God asked me if I wanted to go back to my home, I said I did for many reasons, God said “you’re not ready, it’s not your time” and he sent me back – I promise. I then went into a coma for 7 months, the doctors had given up on me, but then Jesus - the Jesus, walked round my hospital bed and said “not on my watch”, I came out of my coma followed him to the door and he got me to fly back to my mum’s house. My court case to sue the police got moved 5 times because of COVID, during my wait I’ve had to live in 2 different supported living places (so I’d win my court case) and because of my mum not having the correct certificates to give me my taken twice a day medicine that is keeping me alive - I had to live in them. Where I’ve been bullied, raped and treated very badly by the staff, so I’ve had to rise above it by being incredibly intelligent and mature, so I didn’t let it get to me so badly that I would have killed myself if I hadn’t been so mentally strong and get on with writing my books, dancing and DJing. There really is no end to my bow’s strings – now I sound like I’ve got a huge ego, but trust me I do not. Self confidence was never my strength - because of my father, but strong self-belief, counseling myself and the love from my many good friends are what have kept me strong enough. This is why I want to share all the things I’ve learnt by writing self-help books, sharing about the world from what I learnt while on my own travels and to make you all laugh plus your heart melt with my romantic comedies. So yep I’m a chatterbox, but I wanted you to know who I am and why I’m creating this – our community, through our psychological shared life experiences, because we all share one home – Earth, so lets all be part of one lovely and loving community – LauraMac’s Community – well it’s a great start to loving your life and helping others to love theirs.

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