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Blog no: 95 Be consciously present to find balance between your mind & your body

You might be young at heart (well I am at 41 years old), but your body is telling you other wise. Unfortunately as the years we’ve been alive pass by, our mind might become wiser, which is great because we’ll make less mistakes, but a lot of us still feel young enough in our mind to wish we weren’t so easily tired, so we could stay up all night partying with the good old young’uns’.

I remember when I was clubbing in my 20s and a few people I made friends with on my nights out were in their 40s and 50s and I’d think wow! that’s amazing that they can party harder than I do. Yes, they did, but they told me that recovery from a crazy wild night out took a lot longer now they were older, plus they would look rough and older than they were the following morning.

At the age of 40, I went to Tokyo world festival in Bristol and I really enjoyed myself dancing loads and making friends with people in their 20s, who were drunk or on drugs. That was me in my 20s – having the time of my life at the events I went to. I felt like a right old git thinking ‘they’re loving it now, but their heads and bodies won’t feel great for quite a while once the party is over’.

Being consciously present means you take a sec to think about what you’re putting into your body, which will affect your mind. It means you’ll think about how much rest you’re getting on a day or night party adventure. If you make the healthy financially sensible decision to not drink too much and to not take drugs, you’ll enjoy each party moment more and you’ll remember them clearly, because you’ve been in the present moment. You won’t spend the night in the toilet being sick and you won’t dread a possible drug come down you’ll definitely have.

You’re also less likely to kiss or sleep with the wrong person for you and possibly catch something very unhealthy – leading to you living with regrets.

Getting older is cool because, hopefully you’ve figured most things out in your life and you know what your time is worth being spent on.

So, if you still love letting your hair down, dancing the night away and laughing with some random you meet possibly in the bar or toilet queue – crack on! Don’t think at a certain age you have to stop having fun or partying, you just have to have fun and party healthier for your physical and mental health.

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