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Blog no: 94 Do you want to learn about happiness being the best medicine?

If you want to learn and understand about how happiness is the best medicine for most things, I recommend watching the Robin Williams film ‘Patch Adams’, where lots of people heal and are happier because they’ve met him. He’s a great doctor who makes people laugh as part of his treatment for their illness. It made me cry tears of joy because of what a wonderful person Patch Adams is in the film. We could all learn a lot from him about the kind of people we should be.

You’ll see that hope and inspiration are possible in others if you make people smile and let them do what they enjoy doing, so that it makes them happy.

Once you start to discover what being a wonderful, kind human being is all about - happiness that you have from being this and you helping others to feel blessed and happy will let you emit positive vibrations.

This might make you ask yourself if you really want what you’ve been advertised and marketed to for many years. Things that supposedly make you happy by convincing you that you need bought products in your life for you to feel good.

If you’re due to take some time off your paid job – try to take a break by yourself, so you can have some time alone to really think about if you are happy with everything and everyone you have in your life.

Just in case something bad happens in your life, so you only have people stick around who love you and care about you because you’re you – not because of what you own and whom else you hang out with, plus if you’re seen to be with the cool people in the known to be cool places.

Life’s too short to waste what precious time you’ve got on Earth with people who don’t deserve your time or your love.

Plus if you don’t live as a kind, gentle but still fun person you probably won’t have self-respect and you won’t have or deserve respect from others - you’ll live with regrets.

If you genuinely feel happy and you’re content about everything in your life, you should feel elated to be alive. Therefore you should get less ill and if you do catch something, you should heal quickly if you have positive happy vibrations flowing through your body, mind and soul.

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