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Blog no: 93 Do you need 2 find inspiration in your life for you to be happy & help others 2 find it?

If you need to wake up every day to feel inspired to live your life happily and achieve what you’ve put your heart and mind into, plus you want to do the same for others such as: your - friends, family, children and / or colleagues – so you can all get on and do your thing(s) – you should lead by example.

Show that if you love something enough you should be determined to do it most of the time (well a healthy amount of time), so you should really put your a healthy amount of time, effort and your heart into it.

Do your best to be open minded and kind to those who have a bad attitude to moving their life forwards; maybe they have been treated unfairly while they’ve been on their life’s journey.

Show them how one should behave to get happiness in their life - while proudly achieving things in your life on your journey towards a happy life, showing that they can do it too.

If you had an exciting and happy life back in the day and you want to relive your youth (mine being the 80s & 90s), or you want to introduce your younger or older friends to the decades they might have missed out on try these things:

Invest in some old music – tunes that really lifted your spirit back in the day – e.g. mine is clubbing music that started the current clubbing scene, such as acid house, trance, techno & drum&bass.

Throw some fancy dress house parties where your guests should come dressed as if they were going out dressed as people did back in your chosen decade. Mine would be funny – lots of women would be wearing hot pants – ha-ha!

You might have friends who don’t like the clubbing scene, so you could have some sleepovers like you used to when you were a teenager. You could watch films that you used to love and take requests from your guests – you can usually find old films on the Internet, so you can watch them on your laptop. My films that made me feel grown up, want to go out and because I fancied Tom Cruise are: Top Gun and Cocktail.

A teenage girly film that made me wish I was rich and wish I was Alicia Silverstone is Clueless – it’s so 1990s, I own it on video.

If you or others are having long, dull week’s at work, or are having to look after family – one could always do with forgetting about our troubles for at least one night of the week – so ask around to see what would help those you care about, so your friends to love their life again. Create & run a fun, but casual cheapish event that lets everyone just kick back, let their hair down & enjoy themselves with smiles on their face.

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