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Blog no: 92 How to get the love into your system

We all need to feel love in our life as much as possible.

There is a molecule called Oxytocin that is produced in the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary gland. Its main function is to facilitate childbirth – this is one of the reasons it’s called the love drug or the love molecule.

We can all get this molecule to produce itself in us, you don’t have to be a woman giving birth to a child.

Go to somewhere you are made to feel welcome, so you can feel grateful to be there. – this will help to release those molecules into your system.

Also, if you share any issues you are having in your life with others, you might find that others have experienced the same as you. So they should be kind enough and able enough to tell you how they got over whatever it is.

That is when you’ll feel the healing energy pushing through you.

This sharing healing advice and healing energy between each other are beautiful gifts that we have for each other. They are presents that are just waiting to be opened.

When you experience getting healing energy from another human, be a kind, open and lovely human being back to them. Offer advise to them about something you’ve figured out how to fix and heal from.

If you do this, it is your way of belonging in the world and becoming who you are so ‘you belong’ to the world’s community. Pass this on to a friend of yours or a passer by, so you can help to make it a ‘we belong to the world’s community’ situation.

To stop Oxytocin – the love molecule from leaving your system, don’t let yourself be upset about something that hasn’t happened. Just because you have thought or are thinking it could happen, doesn’t mean it will, but it would mean you’re giving out negative energy vibrations, so it is more likely to happen.

Try to start everyday, by telling yourself great things about yourself and about your life., Kind of love yourself, because if you don’t love you, how can you expect others to love you.

Don’t let yourself leave the house without you having a smile on your face because you’re proud of whom you internally and externally are. This will get your brain to make your system produce the love molecule that will help you to give out loving healing energy to yourself and then to others. You’ll be being a wonderful human being for living this happy healing energy way.

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