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Blog: 187 What is one’s mojo? How to get your mojo back!

Mojo means: one has a magic charm, meaning one has self-power that can influence others to feel good.


Often just sharing your burdens can be the biggest boost in getting your mojo back. Engage in activities that you enjoy – make time for the things you are most passionate about. They will bring a smile to your face in your rather immediate time and will help build you back up.


Personally, if I want to feel confident about who I am, I put music on and shake my thing. I’m a rather good dancer, so really going for it on the dance floor (my lounge when not a stage or a nightclub) feel good hormones called – endorphins rush through my body and I instantly feel happy and chuffed that I’m me.


I find that me being happy and enjoying myself helps those around me to feel happy and good. This also makes me feel as if I’m living the dream because my mojo is back.

Yep, I love it when I’ve got my mojo back – I can’t stop smiling because I’m loving life and I’m helping others to love it too. That makes me sound as if I’ve got a huge ego – but trust me I don’t. All of us experience times when we’re not feeling great about: life, who we are and things happening in one’s life or in the world in general.


When I feel like enough is enough of feeling down in my mood - if I’ve had enough of feeling like crap, I always turn to my favourite thing in life – MUSIC! I know that me having a boogie and a DJ will get the endorphins rushing through my body: my mind and my heart. I’ll stop feeling like crap – because I’ll have my mojo back.


If you feel rather rubbish about anything now, do make some time for yourself to do something you know you excel at – that you’re really good at. While you do it or straight after you’ve done it, look in a mirror and smile at yourself while you say “XXXX well done you, you’ve got your mojo back!


When you do this your endorphins will continue to rush through your body. You’ll thank God that you’re you, who can do what you can do well.  


Because you love life while you’ve got your mojo back!!!


Long may your mojo stick around.

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