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Blog no: 91 Do you get excited about feeling happy, but worry about when your next happy time will?

If something happens to you that hasn’t happened to you for a while and it makes you smile and cry tears of joy – really live in that present moment - so you really enjoy the feeling of happiness. Try not to get so overwhelmed by the experience of happiness you’re feeling, because you don’t know when the next time will be that you’ll feel so elated to be alive – who knows it might be just around the corner.

E.G. Recently I bumped into an old work colleague and mate of mine from years. I was so chuffed he remembered who I am. I said “do I know you?” he said “yes you do Laura, we worked together at True Digital, my name is Ollie and you seem to be fully recovered from your accident, it’s great to see you”. He told me he was meeting up with some other ex colleagues and mates of mine for dinner that night and he’d tell them he’d bumped into me in Tesco. It made me so chuffed because of happiness memories with. I let myself look forward to the next time that will happen to me with a person I haven’t seen for years.

Then I went for lunch with a mate of mine I worked with at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) – he reminded me of his LBG leaving party, when he made a CD for each of us and gave us each a song on the CD that made him think of each of us. My song was cigarettes and alcohol by Oasis – yep, that was me back in my youth, a party animal with a fag and a pint helping me to smile and keep the party going – hehe! Ah one’s youth hey!

After lunch I went to my local where I saw a new male friend of mine, who I’ve developed quite a thing for. We played pool and I won – phew! He had been a true gentleman and let me have lots of shots I shouldn’t have had, but I was rather good even if I do say so myself hehe!

I asked him if we’re friends he said yes and he’ll message me through this website (emailing me is possible by using this site).

After he left my local, my friend said “you are smiling so much since you’ve seen him and you won’t shut up about him” Yep, I’ve fallen for his friendship and his looks in a big feeling youthful way. How exciting!

I was sad that he’d left my local, but I let myself smile about the fact that there will be another experience of inner true happiness when I see him again and who knows what else is to come – perhaps nothing, but a great new friend gained - so it’s all good.

All of these happy moments were great because I was very much in the present moment at each of them. My friend who was with me for each of these said they haven’t seen me so happy for a while.

Being in the present moment rather than thinking about the past or worrying about something in the future which are never fun and can be emotionally exhausting – so not being in the present moment is not great for your happiness level vibes.

If you don’t like how you were in one of your present moments, very briefly reflect on it because you’re possibly not feeling great about your behavior. Use these feelings to learn from, so you don’t be that way again so you can make your next moment when you’re very much in the present moment wonderful!

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