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Blog no: 90 Have you ever told yourself to go easier on you? But you haven’t stopped....

....being hard on yourself?

If you’re too hard on yourself even though you try and work harder then most, if you’re like me you had a person always telling you your work and yourself weren’t good enough (when you were a child) – even though you were near being perfect. I had this with my dad, but I was lucky enough to have a mum who was and still is very supportive and encouraging to me, plus excellent schooling and friends helped me to have enough confidence when I grew into being an adult.

So much so, that I managed to travel the world, get a degree, have a successful career and a large group of friends.

If you have someone putting you down all the time, feel sorry for them, because their bitterness towards you, shows they don’t love themselves or their life – even though how huge their ego is seems to show other wise.

Don’t let other's opinions of you affect the opinion you have of yourself. If you need or want to, you can tell yourself to and let yourself be a better son or daughter, brother or sister, friend, pet owner, parent and possibly a better romantic partner – to make up for any past mistakes you’ve made, if you have made any.

If you find in your adult life, you’re surrounded by negative vibrations type of people such as: colleagues, neighbours, people who are sort of your closet friend or your partner’s friends – try to avoid spending any time with them, because you don’t want to pick up bad habits on how you should and could treat people.

Plus you don’t want to pick up any negative vibes from them, because they could turn you into a horrible person like they are.

I’m sure you don’t want to turn into a negative vibes kind of person – it’s not a healthy way to live. To go easier on yourself you must be proud of yourself for everything legal you do with your life and really respect yourself for all your achievements.

Try writing a positive affirmations document for you to read to yourself each morning when you wake up and before you start your work – or before you leave your home, to step into the world.

It could say,’ I love myself internally and externally. I’m proud of who I am, because I’m a kind, gentle to others and myself person. I look after myself and like the way I look and act. Today will be great because I will make people feel comfortable, at ease and put a smile on their face and I’ll smile for most of the day, because today I will let myself be happy.’

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