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Blog no: 88 Do you feel you’re not getting to make your own decisions in your life?

If this sounds like how you’re feeling, you might be feeling driven to ask others / experts in their chosen fields?

Most of us live a very busy life with always too much to do on our to do lists, plus we have our dreams and goals that we want to be a huge part of our life. Then most importantly we want to be a great friend, parent, lover and best friend to our soul mate if we’ve been lucky enough to meet the one. These are usually too much to fit into our life.

If this is sounding like what your life is filled with, you often feel overwhelmed, which can lead to being emotionally exhausted - because you’re trying to live up to being a perfect human being you’ve been taught you should be and you’ve been sucked into the marketed perfect life we’re supposed to want. Plus, you’ve always independently wanted to be a brilliantly happy life achiever. To stand a chance of being everything you want to be – I find by using your personal intuition to make your choices about what to do, when it or they are best for you to do while being physically and mentally healthy.

Using your intuition means using expanded knowledge about how you think, know and feel. This is having an expanded state of awareness, meaning we are starting to understand the importance of paying attention to both the rational and the intuitive.

Your rational mind exists in the realm of your intellect mind - this is the prominence in decision making – this is sometimes called the male mind (how sexist and old school thinking is that?!),

Decisions are best made on the integration between your rational mind be you a man or a woman, and the intuitive mind – another sexist old school name for this is the feminine mind.

If you practice mindfulness by learning how to by reading ‘Mindfulness in eight weeks’ by Michael Chaskalson, you’ll understand that if you live mindfully in each present moment, means you‘ll be living mentally healthier and you won’t miss out on each moment of your life, that you’ve either been looking forward to, or you’ve been overly preparing for. When you’ve achieved success and so if you live these things mindfully – you’ll have these happy memories to turn to when your self-happiness and self-confidence levels need a boost, so you can go get em’ and live your life care free with a smile on your face.

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