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Blog no: 87 Are things just coincidences or is there some depth and meaning to them?

Have you ever wanted or needed something to happen, but you just haven’t been able to get it to happen?

If you haven’t given up hope that you can make it happen, sometimes it works out and other times something great will occur that you weren’t expecting to happen - just by chance.?.

E.G. I have been looking for a rather nice black and white stripped thin woolen top of mine that works as what to wear for most occasions. I’ve searched a million times around my home and nope I haven’t found it, but I’ve discovered many gorgeous outfits I’d totally forgotten I own. They also work for most occasions – so yep, there seems to have been some meaning to me losing that one special to me top – oh well now I have plenty of (if not) better and more fun to look at clothes for most occasions.

Here’s a deep one for you……As you may know, but if you don’t know, read by using Google: The Christmas miracle – Laura’s story. I had a very serious accident when I promise you I very briefly went to Heaven, because I was only 33 years old, God said it wasn’t my time and said I wasn’t ready – so he sent me back to my home. During my very brief trip to Heaven, I met the wonderful spirit and very gorgeous dead man: Bob Marley (who wanted to sleep with me, but God wouldn’t let us because he said that kind doesn’t happen at his home Heaven).

Here’s a coincidence for you that surely has some meaning to it – the meaning being I was meant to meet Bob Marley because Bob died in 1981, that’s the year I was born. The year of my accident when my accident happened it was my 33rd birthday and it was almost 33 years - it was 30 years since Bob popped his clogs. 3 is my lucky number – 33 when I met Bob and he has the same death year as the year I was born.

Plus, I have a Bob Marley and The Wailers greatest hits CD album called ‘Legend’ that I bought years ago second hand and it cost my £3.00.

Spooky how much 3 is and was such a relevant point in Bob’s and my life.

I can recommend his album ‘Legend’, because it has classics on it, such as ‘Stir it up’. ‘Could you be loved’ etc. It’s worth a listen to chill out while listening to it. Plus, if you could do with some new posters of a man to check out daily, who puts your faith back in men – get yourself a poster or some posters of the hottest most talented man to ever live and still is gorgeous in Heaven: ‘Bob Marley’

Yes, you could say that the things I’ve told you about were and are just coincidences, but I think there is a lot of meaning to them. Bob was meant to be a part of my life (and you can say a part of my death), but think about it, his sons are incredible too – I’m very drawn to their musical talent because of my link to their dad Bob Marley.

Damian and Ziggy Marley – check them out, I’m sure you’ll love them.

If things happen in your life that make you feel a bit special from the rest, really give them thoughts – did they happen just by coincidence or is there a good reason why they or it has happened to you?

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