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Blog no.7 How to deal with being disorganised - these tips and tricks work - pleasetrust me.

Blog no. 7

How to deal with not being able to find things, or be organised for most things -I've found these tips & techniques work to get rid of disorganisation.

If you keep on not being able to find items that belong to you, when you only were using them yesterday, or even just a few hours ago – this is probably stressing you out and draining you of your energy because you’re spending a lot of time looking for your things.

If this happens to you, which it used to regularly to me – I’ve found these have helped me out big time.

For items that I choose to use most days such as listening to my radio while I’m getting dressed for my day, or having it on at a quiet volume throughout the night, I never unplug my radio so it’s always on my bed side table and I never change the radio station, because I may not be able to find my favourite station if I change it and that is not a risk I’m willing to take – music helps my mind to stay happy and so I stick to what I know works for me – I recommend you doing the same for whatever helps you to get through your day or night.

For items which most of just cannot be without these days, such as a mobile phone for the being able to call someone on it, set the alarm clock on it, look through photos taken on it and use the many apps one might have downloaded onto it.

So I can avoid the stress of being without any of these things, whenever I get back to my home, I always put my phone in the draw next to my bed, or put it onto charge, I never unplug my charger.

The point of me telling you these things is, if you have things that you often use, so you use most days in your life – storing them in the same place each day, helps your brain to remember where they are – because you get into the habit of just going to your place where they / it always is.

This will help you to be less disorganised at the basics.

I also find, writing my appointments for work, health appointments, or time I’m meeting up with friends or my family down in my diary as soon as they are arranged – I can’t fail not to be there, or be ready to welcome them into my home. If you have to meet a deadline for work, diarise it in your paper diary, but also in your phone or computer laptop. It’s not great for one’s professional reputation if one is late or misses a deadline.

I have separate notebooks to write down all things I have to and want to remember. For example, I have a diary for appointments and where I write down what has happened and how I’ve felt each day. I have a notebook where I write down music that I hear or remember, so I don’t forget to listen to it with friends, by myself, to dance to and DJ it– yep I’m also a DJ.

If you have a lot of many different things you do in your life and you cannot and don’t want to forget about them, writing them down, getting photos at events and saving them onto your laptop or computer, is a great way to be, to stay and feel organized for the rest of your days.

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