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Blog no: 66 How to make yourself happy again

Start each day doing life's usually boring things that make your life just work day after day.

Daily do a big task that's on your probably ever growing to do list.

Once this is done, do something(s) you love to do because it or they make you happy - be it a hobby or by using a talent that you've got.

Try to spend time with those you love and care about, because these people will probably stand by you if the going gets tough.

If you can, go to and spend time in a place that makes you feel content and that you cherish because it helps you to feel happy.

Try out writing a list of things you love about yourself and about your goals and dreams that you know you'll achieve because if you believe you can do it or them by telling yourself you can, you'll achieve it or them.

Every morning read this list out to yourself and look yourself in the face by using a mirror when you do this, until you smile - because this helps you to feel as if your dreams, wishes and goals are pretty close to being in your life now or in the not too far away future. Really be in your present moment while you do this.

This should help you to feel so happy you might feel like having a little celebratory dance before you get on with the rest of your day. Listening to your favourite music should lift your mood and so your soul up. YOU GO GET EM'! because now you're happy you can go get em'!

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