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Blog no: 64 How to get what you want & want what you have right now. Part 3

If you feel you have too many things to do and think about in your probably too busy life, try thinking ‘at least my life is full of things that have stopped me feeling empty inside’. If you think and feel that way, it will prove to you and others in your life that you’re really getting somewhere at loving life – so you’re winning in your life – GO YOU! You’ll show you’re picking up the pieces if you became internally broken, a big old emotional mess. Now you’ve fixed yourself, be happy for others, you’ll be giving positivity to their life and sending out positive happy vibrations for both of you, which means good happy vibrations will come back to you and will help them to have good things happen to them in their life.

If you get something wrong or you make a mistake, see it as a part of your life’s journey to learn a strong and guiding lesson from.

If you ever feel a serious need to turn back to your ‘old you’ ways of relieving stress such as by drinking alcohol, chain smoking and partaking some drugs, oh and possibly sleeping with any old person whom you normally wouldn’t - remember the things you’re running away from will still be there once the mentally, physically and financially draining, unhealthy things are gone and you’re breathing, thinking and seeing clearly again ways of being are back. If you don’t turn back to your less mature ways of dealing with life’s stresses, you’ll deal with them better because destroying clear ways of thinking are not worth the very brief forget about them moments, letting go and running away experience(s). Really feel your transition into more mature adult ways of living you deserve are happening by: deep breathing, counseling yourself and turning to your self-help books – like this book, if you have to keep nicotine in your life, never get nicotine spray in your eye, it seriously hurts and makes your eyes go red.

Once you’ve decided what you want and you’ve become healthy, oh and you’ve surrounded yourself with the right kind of motivating you people one needs in one’s life, it will get easier and easier to get what you want in your life, which will help you to now live better in your present moment, because that’s all you’re guarantied you’ve got and you’ll enjoy the ride of self-development and what you’re getting to achieve in your life = full happiness in every present moment!

Always be tolerant and give fellow human beings respect. Be the best, kind and safe you for all of your time on Earth – you’ll be well remembered in all the good ways if you do! Also give yourself and others love from within.

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