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Blog no: 63 Thanks to GOD

Where to start with my thanks to GOD, I hope you and all people you’re close to thank GOD.

For me personally, because I survived an accident when because I’m a decent person I very briefly went to Heaven, yes it’s beautiful and there are many cool brilliant people there I could have become great friends with, I told GOD, “I want to return to Earth and be alive with the people and pets I love etc”, GOD said “you’re not ready, it’s not your time” and he pushed me back to Earth, where yes I spent a few years in hospital, but because of the great doctors, my mum and GOD’S support, I’m fully mentally and physically recovered and now chatterbox here is an author, so a huge thank you to GOD whom I love with all my heart for keeping me alive with a rather good talent – writing – I hope you agree!

Each of have reasons we might not be a fan of GOD, because of losing people you love because of accidents like mine and fatal diseases such as cancer, but truly believe they are now in a beautiful home where GOD is making sure they are at peace, smiling, happy and lets them be able to watch over you from up in Heaven without being in pain anymore.

GOD has given most of us a beautiful home to live on while we’re alive – Earth, he also has given some people the skills to make transport for many of us to travel Earth and see as much of it as possible, so we can really appreciate our home and most of the fellow people on Earth.

There are so many different religions, so I won’t mention them all here, but the bottom line, is that each of them have their own form of a GOD who looks after them and only wants goodness and peace for the lot of us.

Yes there are many bad things that happen on Earth, but GOD helps us to become and remain strong to get through them and most of us survive them.

Believing in GOD and knowing he watches over us, helps us to not feel alone, because with GOD on our side watching over us and knowing he listens to us when we talk to him, makes us feel not alone and that someone is always on our side. GOD does give us unconditional love and talking to GOD - so praying gives us hope that all will be okay and people we love will survive and be content and happy.

When you’ve got good health – you should thank GOD for this and when you learn from mistakes, this is with GOD’s support and help. GOD created weekends – so most of us can have a well deserved break and have some easy going fun.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’m sure a lot of people don’t pray these days apart from when they feel desperate, but even if you don’t pray, the least you can do is be grateful for all beautiful, wonderful things in your life and thank the big man – GOD for everything you love and appreciate in your life.

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