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Blog no: 62 This is not the end of your fun on to find out how it's not the end.

In essence this blog is about what I’ve used for: keeping enjoying my life and how’s it’s never too late to make it by having meaning and a purpose to my life. So, I’m passing on what I’ve learnt in my life up to the age of 41 - now. If you live your life happily passing on good vibes / experiences to others, you’ll be remembered for many good reasons, you’ll have no regrets and you can feel very proud of yourself, hopefully you’ll learn how to from reading blogs like this one, if you don’t believe in yourself before reading self-help material - you’re developing yourself right now by reading self-help blogs like this one – GO YOU!

Right, so now you know why you’re reading this blog, let’s start off with understanding how to try to capture the happy feelings you experience – well, I’ve often found these ways work for me – give them a go, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Anchor yourself in the feelings of bliss you get from doing what you enjoy, because you’re good at it, and when you’re getting to spend time with others you love and respect. In moments of bliss or as soon after them as you can, capture your blissful moments by writing down: when, where and how you felt in a document that you keep in a safe place for you and try to get photos of you in the moment(s). Even if you only get a head shot because you’ve had to take it yourself. Pull a silly face if this would help you to feel less silly doing it – maybe feeling silly might make you smile and laugh.

Any experience you go through doesn’t have to be the end or the last one. If you capture down in writing or photos of you’re happy times, you can use them to prove to people that you’re great to be around to have a happy time with, so more and more people will want to hang out with you – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

When you do come to the end of your days as we all do, or if you have a serious accident when you lose your life briefly like I did when I was 33 years old – basically I was hit by a very fast police car, went to Heaven very briefly, from up there I could see and hear my mum sobbing – I’m here now because God sent me back saying “it’s not your time”, maybe this community is why it wasn’t my time? I’m telling you this to show you that even once you die: family ties, friendships and relationships don’t have to come to an end, you can still be a part of what those you care about are experiencing, if you tell those you care about to talk to you without getting a response from you while they’re doing their thing(s) – they can keep you included. Think how much money you’ll save never having to buy a ticket to anything ever again, or buy a round of drinks and you’ll never feel rough the next day ever again, because you’ll have been a part of it from Heaven – I promise you this is true.

Once those you love and care about life ends, you’ll be together again hanging out with your idols in Heaven – so it really is never the end of much.

If you want or need it to be the end of your bad unhealthy ways such as smoking – remember that can be ended by using alternative nicotine options – trust me on this one, I was a very heavy smoker, but thanks to them I don’t smoke any more. If you partake in legal or not legal things when you’re partying hard, you can get help to put an end to those things by seeing your doctor, or just drink loads of water and carry on being a party animal who has no regrets – that was me. I still love a party, but these days I’m the one looking after others. So just because you’re getting older and you possibly have a very serious job and children, it doesn’t have to be the end of your partying days – just do them in a mature responsible way from now on.

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