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Blog no:61 Ah one's 30's - the last of one's conventional youth!

Ah one’s 30s – if you’re anything like me, it doesn’t matter what my age is I’ll always be a hard working dedicated to my chosen field of work, but a young at heart, fun loving party girl! I’m the grand old age of 41 while I’m writing this blog, so my party girl days should be over by conventional societies say so. By this I mean up until the years in the 20th century when if you hit 40 and you didn’t have a degree so a very sensible well paid job, you owned your own house, you’re married with children, have plenty of money saved, stopped smoking anything (I’m sure you know what I‘m taking about here), it may be the norm for you to be doing plenty of exercise regularly, have your daily sleep patterns in a regular order, so you’re well rested daily for your good old job and looking after your children, have all your student debts paid off, have chosen your friend group(s) well, learned to shut the fuck up at appropriate times, stopped using a lot of time on Facebook, have stopped wasting a lot of your time by watching television and have established what your life long dreams are - if you haven’t done these things yet etc etc etc, you’ve failed at life.

As you may know about me if you’ve read any of my other blogs or books, I won’t bore you now, but I didn’t have one’s usual 30s, because I had a seriously bad accident happen to me on the night out to celebrate my 33rd birthday, so I spent my 30s in recovery.

However, I’d always and perhaps you wanted to as well, by the end of my 30s: be happily married, have three children (3s my lucky number, changed since I had my accident at the age where there was two 3s involved 33!), have my career completely decided, sorted, so I’d be the head of my game at whatever that would have been and own my own house etc etc etc.

I did however have a bloody fun and fabulous 20s, when I travelled the world with my best friend – I saw so much of Earth (I highly recommend it), I went to a great professional dance school where I achieved my Theatre Dance Degree, I was proposed to quite a few times and enjoyed my nightlife with my friends in good old London city and my home city these days – Bristol! I just spent my 20s not taking life too seriously at the weekends.

But up until the 1970s (I think), most women were supposed to be married, have children, and let their husband earn all the money – er no thanks!

I’m so glad times have changed, since about 2000, the tables have turned, women aren’t thought of as left on the shelf if they don’t get married in their 20s or 30s, they can earn as much, if not more than their bloke or woman, which ever way you’re inclined – this is not such a concern these days.

In my eyes I don’t know if it’s because more women have facial plastic surgery these days, but youth doesn’t seem to end, once you hit the grand old age of 40s – my age! Medicine is life saving years these days. Laughter is a great form of medicine - try it.

I’m unsure if this is just my heart telling my head this is the case, because as far as I’m aware not many people like getting older, for fear that you have to be serious and stop letting your hair down to have fun. Post accident and because I do look rather young for my age, I’m very grateful to still be alive to get older. In my mind there is a lot to be said for getting older. If you’ve had experience in most parts of a mentally and physically healthy life, you’re a lot wiser than you were in your younger years, so you don’t put up with much crap from any old person who doesn’t mean anything to you in your life, you’re usually kinder to people who need some support, kindness and perhaps a spare penny or two, if you can now afford to help them out.

Your 30s are usually fun and exciting, but these days so can your 40s be as well - so long live getting older and wiser with more experience in knowing how to have fun and make the most of one's time!

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