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Blog: 16 Recommendations for what you should have in the person you want to spend rest of your days

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

There is nothing more special in life than being loved by someone you love for being who they are – that’s why they’re your friend.

If you decide that you want to settle in the traditional way, so to get married and make a family together – this person should be your best friend. The being very attracted to each other part is fairly important, it keeps things exciting and fun, but as you’ll probably spend most of your time with them for the rest of your days- them being your best friend is very important, because we all need someone we trust in every way to turn to when life might be being tough for us..

Being ‘the ones’ best friend involves quite a few things:

Self-appearance care – you can’t just expect them to fancy you because they id a lot when you first met. You should want to make you look good, so you can feel confident in every situation you find yourself in. You also want for your partner to get bored with you, so his or her head may turn to someone else – whom at first glance looks perfect. The one being your best friend won’t care about how others look because in their heart and to their eyes you always look and are perfect in all your ways.

If you or they are struggling financially so long as they or you aren’t, they / you should be happy to go without a few things so that they / you don’t have to. They’d / you’d do this because you two are best friends.

Trust – there is nothing worse than thinking you’re partner fancies one of you best friends or a neighbour, you risk losing your friend and having your self-esteem smashed, all that self-doubt you might have had in your past, might start again – never good for one’s self-confidence. ‘The right one’ for you should tell you regularly that they love you and only have eyes for you, because you’re internally and externally beautiful, you should tell them that about them too.

Contentment when there are so many things one can get stressed out about in one’s life, such as having a bad time at your place of work, having the no confidence to do well in your chosen career, feeling like you’re not being a great friend or parent even though you are. One’s best friend helps one to believe in yourself.

The one - so your life long best friend should have the ability to make you laugh your head off – so when / if things in your life get really rubbish, at least you have someone who can put a smile on your face and laugh about what’s happening. Laughter is wonderful medicine after all.

Not such important things but these make you feel like you’ve found your soul mate: they really know how to turn you on ah hem! They’re a bloody good cook and teacher too, so you’’ll become a brilliant team of in house chefs. Everyone will want to come to your dinner parties, because they’ll eat gorgeous food, have a laugh and possibly a fun boogie.

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