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Blog no: 59 Do you often think, why do I think they were or are so cool?

Generally when you think someone is cool, it’s because they’ve gained your respect for their natural or worked hard for talent, personality and how they make people feel.

Here are some examples:

Nelson Mandela – his lifelong battle to free the children of South Africa from apartheid, he addressed global issues such as climate change, nuclear proliferation and pandemics.

Elvis Presley – he polished up well with his natural charisma, his great music to listen and dance to and he was a great dancer himself.

Kylie Minogue – she’s very successfully an independent woman, her lovely and fun music to listen and groove to, she is a feminist (of course because I’m a woman I love this), plus she defied the odds and beat her breast cancer away, making her an inspiration to other people who have cancer.

Margret Thatcher – she didn’t use sex to influence her career, she was seen as Britain’s post war savior and she shaped modern Britain to where most of us Britain’s live happily.

Sara Cox – she’s had a successful happy career on TV and radio. I came to love her when she presented the Channel 4 show ‘The girlie show’. It was full of lighthearted interviews – music and fashion - things a teenage girl thinks are cool.

In not famous person life, I find I really respect a person if they are kind, gentle natured towards others, are able to put a smile on my face even if I’m depressed and stand up for anyone who is bullied by others. Also, if they help others grow their self confidence and self-belief these are not easy things to be able to do, so if someone is natural at them, I have huge respect for who they are and the values they represent.

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