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Blog no: 58 Do you let your doubts & your lack of self-confidence sabotage your actions?

If you have regrets about things you wish you’d done and made happen in your life, that would’ve made you happy. Here’s how to not let regrets happen in your life and here’s how to be happier in your present moment:

Learn how to feel and grow your self-discipline.

You should choose manifestations to say to yourself each morning that will help you have great self-confidence.

Manifestations are: an action or act that show you something about yourself, so much so - that you really feel what you’ve said to yourself - internally and when repeated they will help you have high self-esteem, so you can live the way you want to.

My manifestations I say each day are:

I have what it takes to emit positive energy. I feel positive about today - I see the good in situations and I see joy in every day.

I am totally good enough, so I will see the good in whatever today brings. I know what makes me happy and I CAN work toward it.

I am unique, so I enjoy being me and I enjoy the life I’ve created for myself.

My place in the universe matters, so I must and can be my happy, helpful to others, a human who brings fun, laughter and success to other’s life.

You could try using these or have them inspire you to come up with some that suit your life better.

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