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Blog no: 57 Are New Year’s resolutions worth doing? Here’s why they are – how to make them work

Most of like the chance to have a fresh start at things, perhaps one is badly needed in your life for a number of reasons that are different for everyone, but one that is most common at this time of year, is to feel happier with our looks and to lose weight perhaps (well those to are mine, so I’ll talk about them).

Most of us indulge in rather a bit too much bad for our figure food at Christmas time. It’s not a healthy start to the day if you start your day by eating the days advent calendar chocolate, like I do and then you might have the sweet tooth addiction taste on your tongue and you think I’ll really enjoy Christmas time by eating as much sweet food as I want to, I will become thin and healthy next year. We’ve all said that to ourselves, well me and most my friends have.

How to make sure you get your ‘I’m dieting and I exercise daily’ head on is if you make New Years resolutions, promise yourself you’ll do your resolutions well and swear on someone you love a lot life that you won’t break the promise you’ve made to yourself.

I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate by telling myself that as soon as 2023 New Year’s day starts I’ll cut chocolate out of my life and get my sweet stuff from diet coke and sweet flavoured chewing gum. I’ve promised myself I’ll go on a diet on 1st January 2023. I’m only just squeezing into some of my clothes at the mo. This morning, it took me 10 minutes to do up a pair of winter smart shorts, because my waste and hips have grown so that they are nearly too big to squeeze into them. If you think about it by staying fit, healthy and the correct weight for your height, you won’t have to spend money on buying new clothes for your I’m a bigger size now wardrobe.

If you feel happy with your figure since you’ve stuck to your resolutions, this should help to feel you’re more beautiful and more attractive for a possible partner you’d love to hook up with. When you take your clothes off in bed with your chosen partner you’ll feel less shy about them seeing your body.

Your self-esteem and your self-confidence should rise, so you should become happier each day of your life.

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