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Blog no: 52 Are wondering if you should remain friends with a friend of yours?

Do they keep commenting on you getting the same thing wrong again and again?

Are they acting as a critic about your behaviour and a part of your personality that you already have low self-esteem about? They're saying that you really annoy them when you do a thing you're really fond of doing, it is just part of whom you are as a person - so you wonder if you guys should be friends any more, because you used to look forward to spending time with them, but these days you dread it, for fear you'll end up being made to feel bad for being you.

If you think, feel and know you're a very decent person, who hurts nobody, is great company because you cheer people up and you help people out when they are in need of emotional support, but they judge you and tell you you're not any of these wonderful things, it probably is time to not have them in your life any more.

Your self-confidence and your self-esteem need people in your life who appreciate you for being the great human being you know you are and by being with people who love you and your soul, because they bring out the best in you whenever you are with them.

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