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Blog no: 49 Need an idea 4 cheap, handy to store,fun, interesting & useful Christmas presents 2 buy?

It's that time of year which is lovely, fun and great to treat those you care about / love, who you regularly see or you haven't in ages, so getting them a Christmas present is helpful to get you guy's friendship going again.

There are a few online books for sale on this community website, written by yours truly - moi: Laura Mac. I don't have the hugest amount of self-confidence in the world, so when I say they are all rather good reads - I promise you they are (I hope that doesn't make me sound like I've got a huge ego) don't worry I don't have a huge ego.

If you go to the Homepage of this website and in the middle above the 'We are LauraMac Community' image, there are 3 lines above my head, if you click on them you'll be able to click on the Online book shop link - this will take you to a page where you'll find the books that you could always treat yourself to for Christmas, or your friends, family or colleagues - if you want to get or stay on their good side.

The books should interest you, make you smile and think that happened to me, this book explains how I get through it or over it.

Life's Lessons

Your travelling adventures

A real life romantic comedy

Life's journey

How to become a woman

How to rebuild your life

How to get what you want & want what you have now

Drunk or not? Real or fake stories??

Plus quite a few more coming over the next few weeks. Chatterbox here has written 10 books in total so far, with 5 more being currently written - I was bound to become an author, my brain, mouth and life experiences have always been full on.

Plus I love to share funny things that have happened to me and share advice to people if they need it.

The books are quite cheap because they're online books, plus I'm aware prices of most things have gone up, plus people have not been able to work as much as they've wanted because of bloody Covid, so money is pretty tight for many of us, please treat a friend or yourself if you can afford to.

Merry Christmas to all of you who are part of this LauraMac Community - I hope you enjoy this festive time of year! x

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