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Blog no:48 Do you struggle to have others fancy you, or become friends with you? Here's how to......

If you find most of your friends easily get together with whom ever they're physically and mentally attracted to, but you can't seem to land who you want to. Which is not great for your self-esteem hey?!

Here are a few tips for you to start excelling at pulling whom you want to:

If you try to make yourself look as nice as you can, your self-confidence rises, which will help with your friendly happy vibrations you feel and give out.

I bet you've fancied a person who is super confident, so it helps them to naturally be a great laugh and easy company to be around. This can be you too for getting other's attention.

You're generally fancied by most if you're just yourself - once you've done some work on your self-esteem about your looks and you're naturally being friendly to others, your attractiveness will grow and so will the amount of people you get as fans of you and your wonderful personality.

If you think about dancers, pop stars, rock stars and film stars that you've really had a thing for, perhaps others don't find them attractive, but you've picked up on positive, kind, helpful and happy vibes they have / give out, which make them so much more attractive - don't you think?

So, the bottom line is, if you have to do some work on who you are and how you come across to others, ask your friends to share with you what they love and what they don't love about you. Once you know about your lovely traits, do practise using them more with your friends and ask them if they love you more, because you give out positive vibes. Then focus on being this new improved version of yourself, when you're around a person you've got the hots for - you should go get em' and have wonderful, memorable memories you make together. Who knows you might even meet your soul mate - here's praying so, hoping so hey! x

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