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Blog no: 45 How to have freedom to do whatever the f*** you want with your life................... should be down to earth with most people you meet during your life time. This will create positive energy in your life, so you can let things be in your life that will let you have special times - giving you happy memories. We all need happy memories, these help you to get through difficult times in your life.

If you're single you can do some spontaneous decision making, that will help you to reconfigure your sense of self, so you can have a great personal mind reframe and become who you truly want to be.

Before you do this, do you find you wear a mask to hide the real you from others and from yourself?

If this sounds like you, remember the real inner you and believe in yourself, so you have the confidence to do things on your own, because you will have raised your self-esteem.

To help you to do this, write down all the things you like about your personality, so your soul and all the things you've managed to achieve in your life so far.

Get yourself washed and dressed for the day making yourself very happy with how you're looking, then take your writing you've done about what you like about yourself and what you can achieve - read them to yourself while you look yourself in the eyes by using your mirror and this should help you to start your day off with a smile and your ego will grow in a healthy gentle kind to others way.

When you feel you can and you have time to, find a location (place), workplace colleagues who are your friends, your personal life friends and your partner - who let you be in a great mentally peaceful place. Spend as much time as you can with these people whose company you love, and who let you be you and love you for who you are.

Once you have self-confidence you'll mentally have the strength to do whatever legally takes your fancy.

Life's often too short to not spend your time wisely if possible, doing things that let you feel happy and content.

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