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Blog no: 44 If you wake up & you feel you haven't had sleep, you have to get up here's what to do...

If you wake up and you feel like you haven't had enough sleep so you can get on with your day well, but you have to get up to go to your job, or to look after your kids and get them to their school on time, but annoyingly you feel like you haven't naturally had a minutes sleep - what a crap feeling hey!

I recommend doing whatever it is that makes and lets you feel happy and that you're in control of everything in your current life, because you'll start to feel relieved and energised. Choose whatever it is legally that helps you to feel these ways.

For example, mine thing that sorts my mind and my body out at the same time is MUSIC!

I use that brilliant invention 'Alexa' to play songs/tunes by my favourite artists. I dance doing dance moves that I know like the back of my hand and I know I do them well. I turn heads when I do them in front of an audience or when I'm in a nightclub. I just let go of all emotions and I go for it like I'm in my favourite nightclub in the world, not caring what I look like, or I go for it if I'm in a show off mood. Because I'm going for it with no company in my home, I dance until I'm smiling my head off and I wish people were with me seeing me at my happiest best form!

Whatever you choose to do, try to do it so well, you feel proud of yourself for doing it so well that it helps you to start your day off with a big smile.

This should help you to have loads of energy and to look forward to your day, because now you feel you appreciate being alive that day and you should tomorrow if you repeat your thing that helps you to feel happy and excited about the day in front of you.


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