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Blog no: 42 Trust your inner wisdom - if you promise yourself you'll do something, you'll do it.

If you promise yourself you'll do something, you'll do it, because you don't want to and you won't let yourself down.

To trust your inner wisdom, you should write in a place you'll see each morning 'do all my last few week's to do lists' because getting any further behind with to do lists than a few weeks time, is far too overwhelming, it might put you off doing any of your tasks on the list.

It is great to make a 'my goals plan', this should involve you reading all of your to do lists and choosing things from them that are priorities to you.

Give yourself a plan with some project management type organisation.

Choose the order that things should be done, so what should be done at the start of your great idea for having a quality thing in your life, the middle tasks to keep your ideas happening for you and the end of your plan date, that you'll know has happened once you feel proud of yourself, you tell other people about your work to create a great thing in your life and you will have a reason to let yourself have some time off and go out with your friends to celebrate your achievement by really letting your hair down.

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