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Blog no: 41 If you have to do a job you're not too keen on here's how to manage your life..........

If you have to work a job you're not too keen on, because you need the money to survive in your life and support those you love - try to start saving some of your money, so you can financially afford to quit your not so great for your soul job, so you can take some time out from getting a paid job, so you can reassess your life by using your intuition.

If you do this you'll be saving yourself, cherishing yourself, by looking after yourself psychologically which affects your physical health. When you're upset and stressed out your brain tries to take the pain from your mind, by sharing the load with your body. A great theory, but rather painful and annoying.

You feel unhappy with your current life, but now you're also in pain in your body, so this solution of your brain isn't really helpful.

Once you've saved enough money to take some time off, try to take your mind back a few years and think about what you always wanted to do with your days, so you can spend your time happily.

If you have the opportunity to go back to studying, you could live what and how you've always wanted to.

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