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Blog no: 39 Have you got too much on your mind to get the rest you need to handle all of it?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

If you're struggling to switch off from your ever growing to do list, so that your over busy mind won't switch off for the day to let you go to sleep, when you'll get the rest you need to be able to tackle your to do list(s) - please try to only have 1 to do list and please don't have too many tasks on it for you to do.

Are you the kind of person that once you've solved one thing in your life or someone else's life whom you care about a lot - does your brain start trying to think of other issues and tasks in your life that need sorting? If this sounds like you, you've possibly ruined your tasks because you were probably too tired to do them or it well? Is your brain very used to feeling stressed out? Once one thing is sorted, it finds another thing to do or one thing that has already been done that could be done more correctly or more perfectly and your brain won't stop until this has been done?

If this sounds like you, try to take a break from sharing your time too much and spreading yourself too thin, by committing to many things: such as helping people who have no one in their life to help them out, so you're just being a very decent person by helping them with their life's tasks and their emotions (probably).

Yes, you're being a very kind human being to others, but not to yourself. If you can get your brain to be quiet, make it be quiet - so you can take some time off from modern day things to do and stressful situations by meditating.

This will clear you mind and let it rest for as long as you're able to meditate - it's very good for you. I won't explain in detail how to meditate, just try to be in a quiet space, so noise and people don't distract you, sit comfortably and deep breath. Focus on you breathing steadily for as long as you have time to. If you want to learn more about meditation, there are many books that have been written and published about how to do it - if you can't afford any, pop to your library where you can read them and take them out for free.

If you're mind is too busy most of the time, meditating will help your brain to have the break it probably badly needs.

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