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Blog no: 38 If you feel like crap about yourself every day, try this at the start of each day.......

...........If you're sick of feeling pretty rubbish about your appearance and being in a job you don't love, so you feel crap about being you, try this because I promise you it works:

Start each day by looking at yourself in the mirror and saying to yourself out loud the following:

Say what you want to be, who you want to be (because you already are it, you're just not very confident at being it, or you aren't yet, but you could be if you believe in yourself).

Say something like this while you look at yourself in your mirror:

"I'm intelligent, I'm beautiful inside and outside of me, I'm great company because I'm interesting and loads of fun to be around!

I can go and achieve what I want to, because I'm an intelligent hard worker who excels at what I love doing. I'm going to look for and find what I want to study so I can learn about what I need to know so I can do the form of employment I want to do and be the best at it for all the time I work at it.

I enjoy going to bed feeling proud of myself because of what I've achieved today. I'm excited about how I'll succeed tomorrow, because I'll achieve great things and I'll help others to achieve things they want to, just by them being around me and my positive outlook on life."

By telling yourself these things every morning while you look at yourself, you'll start to feel confident in your abilities, you'll have a go get em' approach to most things - which means a positive way of succeeding because negative things won't happen to you because of all the positive vibrations you exceed.

I'm sounding like a bit of a scientific hippy there, but we are all vibrations and if you think and feel bad things will happen to you, negative vibrations will be drawn to you. Meaning you must think, say and feel things for you to have positive vibrations, meaning positivity will be drawn to you, so good positive happy things will happen to you all the time. Starting your day off by believing in yourself and having confidence in yourself is the best way to start your day - with positive vibrations flowing out of you. You will feel happy and achieve whatever you want to in your working life and your personal life, because positive things happen to positive people.

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