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Blog no: 37 I shoulda, woulda, coulda: - but didn’t – was that wise or not wise?

Yep - shoulda, woulda, coulda does sound rather American, but it means something most of us think and feel at some part of our life.

Education wise………..

Such as: I shoulda studied harder for my tests and exams. If I had, I would have found it less stressful, easier and I would have past well. I woulda, if only that great new program hadn’t started showing on the TV, or if I hadn’t fancied my newish neighbour so much, I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to look gorgeous enough for him or her, and tried wooing them loads of the time. I coulda studied more if I’d been more mature and sensible about it.

Not wise: not to study because of fancying someone – who could break your heart anyway.

Wise: that you realised you coulda been more mature and sensible about your studies.

Love life wise…………..

I shoulda accepted that date off the hottest guy at school or at work, we could be married by now and have handsome children. I woulda if my best friend hadn’t fancied him so much for his looks and his charm, she wouldn’t stop talking about him constantly. I coulda, if I hadn’t loved and cared about my best friend’s feelings for him so much – ah one’s youth hey!

Wise that you didn’t take a chance with a guy because of the upset you might have caused your best friend and that might have destroyed the friendship you guys have – so you’d possibly have lived with regrets.

Externally beautiful confidence levels wise………

Now, external beauty is not the most important thing in life, but if you make the most of the looks you’ve got you won’t look at old photos of yourself and have regrets.

I shoulda made more of an effort to look beautiful and glamorous for my school and colleague leaver's ball. I woulda if I’d felt more able to look at myself in the mirror without hating what I was looking at. I coulda, asked my friends to help me do my make up and choose the best dress for me and ask them to score me out of 10 for how I looked – 9 or 10 being the only scores that would have been accepted.

Not wise not looking your best in your younger years, this will leave you feeling down about it when you get older and you look at your old photos - because time travel hasn’t been invented yet and it probably never will be.

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