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Blog no: 36 All of a sudden things started to go right in you're life - so much so, you're shocked!

If you're like me, you've had nothing going right in your life, nor happening that has made you happy for a while. Then all of a sudden I have a mind blowing happiness state of mind, because most parts of my life that I've wanted for years start to happen. Phew!

Sorry if I sound big headed, but my brain is being brilliant and it's very happy because of this fact. Plenty of ideas for my chosen self-employed career: writing - have come to me, jobs offered to me, both men and women wanting some dating action with me, I'm sticking to men for now.

Also, most of my friends have babies, plus they've found their soul mate whom they are getting married to and are doing very well in their career, so there are plenty of celebration parties to go to, children, husbands and wives to meet.

Not a bad life hey!

So all of a sudden it's like everyone wants a small bit of my time for various events no matter how small or big - especially as it's Christmas holiday time - so plenty of shopping to do for xmas presents to give to those I love and care about.

To make sure time works well for me, so I can see everyone and go to most celebrations. My top project management, brill organisation skills have to come into play.

Of course I'm very happy to have a lot of wonderful people and events to go to in my life, it's very handy that I'm such a good project manager and people person, so I'm making sure everyone knows if I'll be with them and if I can't make it when we could meet to celebrate on our own. Personal life project management skills is a strong talent to have. I've had years of extensive practise of it, which means I'm always able to look after most things.

If you know about a time that's coming up in your life, when you'll need to be super organised and a great communicator to all, either try to do a tiny bit of project management and communications (comms) skills studies, so you're all set up for this busy time in your life. Or, if you have any successful friends who do these kinds of jobs professionally - try to get some time with them and ask them for some top tips on how to manage your time and how you keep everyone who needs to know info about parts of your life informed, what's cheapest and most time effective. Remember technology is so great these days, there are many different communication tools one can use to stay in touch with people and to let them know about things they'd love to attend.

Do try not to try to use every communication tool that's available though - that would be too time consuming. To ensure you don't miss anyone out, try to stick to using the latest most popular comms tools, but also stick to those old favs most of us have been using for years, because the old ones are the ones most of us check out of habit and because we feel we understand them best - what with them having been around since our younger days - yep that's middle aged me saying 'our younger days!' eek! haha!

Yes technology is not always on our side, but it is very useful to keep our international friendships going, our hobbies and career life going forward, being happy and successful. Go you!!!

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