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Blog no: 35 Writing and looking back on your diary is fun & good for your mental health, here's why:

Taking the time throughout your day and at the end of each day to write about what you have been up to and how you've felt is really useful, because you can then read about things that will become happy memories - that you won't be able to forget because you're keeping them recorded in a diary each day. These records of your behaviour and your feelings will hopefully show you how far you've mentally and physically come because of a life situation you've been through and mentally survived, even if it wasn't particularly easy - reading how far you've mentally come is good for your self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

If you're still in a life situation that you're not loving and you still have work to do on yourself to get through whatever it is that you're experiencing, by reading your efforts so far will remind you about your strengths that deep down inside you know you've got in you. So you can overcome all hurt, upset you've been through and should help you to grow your self- confidence - so you can still go wow them with your skills as well as your internal and external beauty.

Reading how you've achieved things and how you've overcome things should make you feel proud of yourself and help you to build a life plan, so you can continue with your plan for ultimate huge self pride and happiness - because achieving what we've set our sights on no matter what it is, so long as it's safe and legal - is what most of us want.

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