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Blog no:34 Have you made pet names for friends for laughter & to show them you trust & love them?

If you have, it's a lovely thing to do with your friends and the names should make you laugh, because every name should only be meant in jest.

Here are some examples for you, that I have had been called and so I have given a name back with love. We all love having names that only the two of us call each other.

When sunbathing in Ibiza in my 20s, a guy from Rugby, UK said to me "alright crazy davy ravy baby", I said "excuse me, that is not my name, my name is Laura, can I guess your name please?" I chose his now joke name 'Sally me Pally', he laughed and told me his name is Andy. We're still friends 20 years on from when we met on the White Isle and still call each other these names, because they make us smile - so they're meant in jest.

I have a dear friend who I worked at Lloyds Banking Group for 10 years with - his name is Ian Cook. He used to cal me disco babe angel star, I found that cute and funny. He asked me to choose a name for him. His surname is Cook, so I went for Cookie Dough. He laughed at my choice and again 10 years later I still call him Cookie, because he says he loves it and he knows that's his name to me - unfortunately these days he calls by my actual name - Laura which works for me, because that is my name and we still have a laugh together - calling each other said pet names that helped us to become close friends and we still hang out together, even with it being 10 years since we worked together.

The point of me telling you about these funny names we have for each other, is to emphasise, how making kind, gentle, funny, fond of your personality and who you are names can really help a friendship to be a keeper, so be a long lasting friendship - because it might help you to remember the good old days - whatever they may be for you.

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