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Blog no: 31 I have many ideas/things to do, I don't know where to start - if this is you read on...

...Have you felt like not doing much for a while? But something has inspired you, so now you've got a strong amount of energy and passion for being alive, happy and getting done what you want to get done. You might have loads of ideas about things to do and achieve. You make it so you have people to see, so you can share your joyful feeling for being alive and how they can feel this way too.

You know you have loads of ideas for how to get on with achieving things in your life that will make you and others feel happy - you're excited about this, but you're not sure where to start. I find making a list - listing everything I want to do and I give each task a number, to show how important it is and so it shows what order I should do them in. I give them each a number out of 10. 1 standing for 1st thing to do, 10 showing it's an important thing to do, but it can wait.

If you have many things you want to and you know you can achieve, but you're confused about where to start, try giving this making a list that you go to at the start of each day a go - it should turn out to show you that you're a great boss to work for and who to answer to.

Be a mate to yourself boss, so never come down hard on yourself if something goes wrong in a task, yep it probably was your fault, but because you're a top hard worker who is super clever, it's easily sorted.

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