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Blog no: 30 Small things to reset your inner self-confidence - creating self-confidence mottos works

If you lack self-confidence it can affect you in many ways, even small things in your life - that to others don't seem very important, but to you it's affecting how you feel about being yourself.

If you find yourself feeling this way - like I do: 'if I don't move my smoking vape to a safe place now, I'll knock it off my table and I might not be able to find it'. That lack of self-belief was draining my self-confidence levels a lot. So the motto I've used and it has worked is: 'I'll move it to a place I always go to so I always know where it is, this will help me to not think I'm useless if I can't even manage this small thing in my life well.

By putting it where I know it is, will make me feel happy and organised - why? Because I'm capable of most things - even starting with small not so important things in my life'. If I happen to lose it which hardly ever happens now ,I stick to my self-confidence motto / plan, I think 'don't worry Laura, you know you'll find it, so there will be no small problem anymore - you've got this nailed girl!'

Whatever you lack your self-confidence in, try writing down what you can do to overcome whatever it is, then read it out to yourself every morning while you look at yourself in the mirror and you'll feel happiness and self-confidence grow. You might even grow confidence in your appearance if you get yourself looking your best for the day before you look at yourself to read it out to yourself.

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