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Blog no:27 Working on 'how you feel about being you' should be at the top of your to do list jobs

If you’re anything like me, you’ve regularly got many to do lists on the go. This is great if you already feel great about whom you are and you wake up every day with 'a go get em!' approach and 'I’ll achieve everything I want to today' feeling in your mind, but if you aren’t too chuffed about being you – getting your standard to do list things done isn’t that much of an achievement - if after you’ve done all your things, you still feel a bit lost and unhappy about who you are and where your life is at in your present moment.

I used to feel like this too, so I wrote down everything I love about myself and how I think I help other people smile and feel good about themselves – because in my heart of hearts I know I do. Yes it does help that people – friends and just people I briefly meet tell me I cheer them up and help them resolve issues they have.

I read my list of things I love about myself to myself every day while I look at my face on my mirror, so what I'm telling myself makes me smile and feel happy about being me.

Give writing down about the good parts of you you're keen on and reading them out to yourself at the start of your day a go.

You should feel changes in yourself – you’ll probably start loving being alive – about time hey!

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