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Blog no:23 Does it seem you’re addicted to having problems? read on to learn what to do about this.

Does it seem you’re addicted to having problems? Is your subconscious brain creating problems to solve because you’re used to having them?

Are you so used to having problems, that once you’ve sorted out the problems on your ever growing To Do list, you’re subconscious brain keeps finding problems in things you think need sorting but........

............before you were without problems to solve what you’re finding now wouldn’t have seemed like a problem to solve.

So you’d feel less stressed out and your brain being over loaded would be free of this un needed extra life To Do list work.

If you have the addictive personality gene in you - like I do, this can go wrong in many unhealthy ways - such as: smoking, drinking or drugs.

Over loading your To Do list isn't physically an unhealthy addiction for most of us, but it is a very mentally unhealthy addiction.

If you prioritise your To Do list (try to make it as small a list as possible) with things that have to be done or someone's life will change - yes that includes your life.

Get them done as soon in your normal hours awake day, so once you're washed, dried, dressed and you've eaten - this will give your brain the nutrients it needs to work at it's best. Tick each task off once completed and then add the rest of the things you want to do, to other days, only giving yourself a few to do each day.

One task to do on everyone's list should be to spend time with friends and or family one loves - those people you really respect and who are always there for you.

Another nice task for one to do, is to make time to pamper yourself and relax one's mind and body.

Meditation will help you to switch off your internal vocal to do list voice. Learn and repeat one or some mantras for your head to repeat and feel while you meditate - so you can live in a more content peaceful way.

Hopefully you'll change your soul destroying addictions, to healthier ones like meditation and or yoga.

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I love this! Putting spending time with friends and family, on the to do list. So important. Priorities, making peace of mind an important thing 'to do'!

Enjoyed reading this one...

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