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Blog no: 21 Are you a workaholic? Here's how to be the best kind, who's fair to themselves&everyone

Here's how to be the best kind, who is always fair to yourself so you can achieve everything you want to and feel good about it.

If you’re a bit of a workaholic, but you’re struggling to still love your work, because of how much you make yourself work. It's exhausting you and you’re letting it show in the quality of your work – here’s how to work at your best with your high quality overachiever spirit.

If you have a task or project to do which is proving to be more difficult for you do that it should be, try taking a step back from it, to give your mind some calm time, so it has the energy it needs to work at the standards and pace you’ve set yourself to always do. If you do your task calmly, the stress you feel while you’re doing it won’t show in the outcome of your efforts. It will probably be so good because of your calmness that it should impress your boss – who in your present moment of working on the task is you.

It’s a great feeling when you impress yourself so much by the high standard of your work you’ve done, that at first you might feel shocked enough by how good it is, you might want to read other’s work and check their results – because it’s so good it’s giving you the impression that you’ve copied your competitor's work. In your heart of hearts you know you have done all the work yourself – but because your standards are often to high, you’re too hard on yourself – you probably won’t let yourself feel like one of life’s winners.

If this sounds like you, from my experience I’ve found the way to get over this, is to ask your boss for a meeting to discuss your self-development and you’re place in whichever team you’re a part of. In your meeting with your boss, you should want to find out what they are expecting from you in your current role and if you’re not doing it, what in house tools there are / what training there is so you can become what is expected of you.

Your boss should be very impressed with the independence you’re showing to find out about your personal professional self-development. Once you start developing yourself professionally you’ll probably find more is expected from you in your role and your contribution to your company and it’s clients – you should see yourself get a pay rise and more respect because of your hard work efforts from most of your colleagues.

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