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Blog no: 20 Turning a bad thing into a good positive life experience

Out of one possibly annoying bad thing, may come a good thing – hard to believe this while you’re stressed out possibly upset and down in the dumps.

But, here’s an example for you of a good thing coming out of a bad thing...

Not being able to find my old mobile phone anywhere in my home upset me, because it has many of my friends contact details and happy photos on it, but I just couldn’t find it. One waking up early morning I went on the hunt for it yet again, but low and behold, while I was on my hunt for it – loads of blog ideas popped into my head from who knows where…I couldn’t go back to sleep until I’d written all of my blog ideas down.

I’d planned to spend my next day coming up with ideas for this blog and writing them to share them with you - our online community, but now I didn’t have to spend part of my day coming up with wise and funny ideas, because I’d come out with them while I was stressed out of my mind searching for my lost old mobile phone.

If my old mobile phone turns up great – if not: c’est la vie! Writing this blog is far lovelier than having and using my old mobile could ever have been.

Writing this blog, communicating with you guys, helps me to live in the present moment. Yep, I have to dot into the fun bits from my past for some of my blogs, but they only make me laugh here in the present moment and I hope they help you out by letting you smile and laugh while you're really present in your present moments.

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