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Blog no 136: It’s fun to have something to look forward to everyday and long term

The pleasures and regrets you can have in life are with you in your last thoughts when you’re going from alive to having past on. So make sure you have minimal regrets and plenty of fun pleasures.

By being part of a community like this one: the LauraMac Community – our being together online is precious, because we can chat on this site, so we are there for each other.

If you need to talk to someone urgently please do chat to me on here and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap and I hope I can help you by giving you advice and hopefully I can make you laugh, so you can have a smile on your face.

Loneliness doesn’t last too long if you’re heart felt honest and kind with and to others. Each of us experiences loneliness during one’s life journey. When you’re part of this community you shouldn’t feel lonely for much longer.

It’s an adventure to be a human, being part of a community like this one and defeating loneliness is part of the exciting journey of one’s life.

The mind links the knowledge you have in each of your moments you experience. You’ll dream about your knowledge while you’re asleep. So make sure each of your days are full of filling your mind with useful knowledge, plus kind and fun experiences for you and all those you meet during your life.

You probably want to be remembered as one of the good eggs – he he!

You should believe in wonderful you, so that others can believe in you too.

By letting yourself be the wonderful, kind and fun you - you’ll look forward to each day, because you’ll be filled with the positive energy others emit to you, because you have that affect on those who are around you – GO YOU!

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