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Blog no 135: You were born to sparkle! Always: remember and feel this in your soul

Always have hope in you, so that you experience joy - no matter what circumstances you’re experiencing!

Because that’s what you do when you’re born to sparkle – like you are: always sparkling!

The way you naturally sparkle is that you keep on smiling no matter what’s going on in your life or other’s life. You find ways to cheer up yourself and others – bringing smiles all round. You’re like this because you feel gratitude for being alive.

You’ll be giving a gift to yourself if you let your soul sparkle in and outside. If you let yourself enjoy each moment of your life - by feeling gratitude for you being alive and healthy, you’ll always feel happy – GO YOU!

So you can be the best version of yourself, do things that don’t feel like a hassle to you – this will let you sparkle your happy personality to others everyday or at least most days.

Do your best not to let your sparkle be a rare awakening – let everyone see your incredible luck to sparkle from your soul, to your outside beautiful self all of the time. GO YOU again!

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