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Blog no: 12 Do you struggle to choose what to wear for your day and for your eve staying in or out?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

You might have too many clothes or not enough. Whichever seems or feels like you, try putting your clothes into groups in your wardrobe(s) or clothes draw(s). Here are examples for you about how you could sort them.

You could have your sunny day easy to fit into any situation set of clothes: going to the park or shopping in the city centre with your friends, going into a pub for some food and drinks, to listen to music at all sorts of settings or watch some sport - hopefully with your friends.

In another section you could have clothes for cold days, so your wooly jumpers will hopefully go in this area.

Then on to clothes for your work – serious and professional or young feeling and funky, if either of these apply to you, most people want their clothes to make them look young and sexy – that will work when you’re with your partner you can easily go for a romantic meal, because you're dressed for the occasion. If you’re trying to find the one for you - your soul mate, you should choose clothes for a night out with your mates who should let you seem like great company who is easy to have a good laugh with. This should help you to attract and meet the one who's right for you - your soul mate, who's right to spend the rest of your life with.

Once you’ve sorted the organisation of your clothes, you should find getting ready for each day and night out a lot easier and more fun.

If you’re pleased with the way you look in your chosen outfit and you’re impressed with your choice and the way you look in it / them, so will others, you’ll notice you start to get loads of compliments and if you don’t ‘sod em’ – think ‘what do they know about what makes you feel beautiful and happy?’. You probably wouldn’t choose to look like they look. The underlying lesson here is: Let yourself be you and don’t judge others for their fashion taste and how they wear their make up and their hair. If you can’t help yourself but be a little judgemental of them, do try not to tell others your thoughts, you’ll probably get a reputation of a jealous bully – which is not particularly attractive to a future partner or future friends.

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