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Blog no: 15 Ways to make yourself happy again

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

There are a few angles to look at this one:

If you’ve always been very happy, because everything in your life has been almost perfect. Starting with your unbelievably beautiful face and body, but then something happens in your life, such as you have been attacked or you have a serious accident, when your face and your perfect body have been disfigured, so to most people your model looking days are gone and perhaps you didn’t realise how reliant on them you were to feel good about yourself and have your self-belief confidence, so now you have to dig deep and make yourself be what hopefully you already were – internally beautiful – which most decent people can recognise and appreciate.

And perhaps you always got the top grades in all of your classes and always got the job you wanted, but perhaps because of unforeseen circumstances in your life – you no longer have the opportunities to reach those achievements – so you’ve had to start from scratch, to find another way you can use your time and still feel like a happy decent fun to be around wise person.

Please trust me on this one – out of one annoying possibly bad thing, may come a good thing – hard to believe it while you’re stressed out, but if you can take a step away from things in your life, to rest and reconsider things – who knows what you’ll find and feel about another better mentally healthier life very possible option.

Here’s an example for you: Not being able to find my old mobile anywhere in my home, while I was looking for it, loads of blog ideas just popped into my head! I couldn’t go back to sleep in the middle of the night, until I’d written down all my ideas. I had planned to spend my next day coming up with ideas for my blog and thinking about how to write them – but now I don’t have to, because I came up with loads when I was stressed out about not being able to find my old mobile phone with many contacts and photos on it, but I’m so chuffed that so many blog ideas coming out of that what seemed like a stressful situation – this blog being one of the results of my initial stress and my self-confidence rising as well because of a stressful situation – good happened in the end.

Take time out from your stressful situation if you can and you possibly will find yourself the answers to your many questions you’ve been looking for, right under your stressed out nose.

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