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Blog: 97 What is better being younger or older? Pros & Cons of both…..

……..most of us enjoyed being under the age of 21, less responsibilities, one doesn’t have wrinkles yet, one feels one still has time to decide who they want to be and what they want to be when they grow up, it’s still okay to be not settled down with a partner and possibly kids yet and one can still go out and party hard with the best of them without a care in the world!

If this sounds like you currently, or what you were like in your youth (I’m only 41, so this sounds like me), then you’ve been one of the lucky ones who had family in your life letting you enjoy your youth, as I believe and feel one should be allowed to do, before one is considered irresponsible and immature if they’re not settled down, own a house and are at the top of their chosen career field table.

Now I’m 41 and my life isn’t sorted in the conventional way, I feel that being younger was more fun, because I was sure I’d be conventionally settled down by my age now. Most my friends are ‘Head Of’ their company, own a house, they’re married with children. My how times have changed – I used to be the first to do most things – but I’m cool with it not all having worked out for me in the conventional way yet. Why?

Because I’m lucky enough to look very young for my age and even though I’m responsible, I will always be very young at heart – mores to my mums disappointment – he he!

So I think older is better, because one usually has a wiser head on them, because they’ve learnt from their mistakes or from others mistakes. If they want to they can still party with the young uns’ (like I do) and be more sensible about it, so they won’t feel rough for days.

It’s great to be able to hold social gatherings for people of most tastes, because experience has taught one what works, and what doesn’t.

Plus when you’re older, one usually has more funds and doesn’t have to answer to parents or teachers for any not sensible behavior.

When you’re older, you’ll have chosen the good eggs to be your life long friends, because as time goes by, the truth comes out about people’s personality and traits.

It’s great to make the most of one’s youth, capturing photos of as much fun as possible, so one has great memories for the rest of one’s days and it’s great to have a wise old head on one’s shoulder with wonderful people in one’s life - who’ve been met through many wonderful experiences one usually has had by one’s older years.

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