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Blog: 96 Do you feel so free from things you can hardly see in front of you, so you hug yourself?

Are you ever so chuffed that something has worked out for you that you hug yourself, because you’re so relieved you’ve got wanted – that things have gone your way?

It can be something as small as finding a thing that is essential for you in your daily life, E.G a few nights ago, I took my mouth guard out that stops me grinding all my teeth away – not great for one’s looks, or eating without teeth! I’d done this because I have a very sweet tooth addiction, I got some Cadbury mini eggs out to treat myself, I put my mouth guard (MG) down on my bed side table and when I had finishing munching, I couldn’t find my MG, so I wouldn’t let my very tired self go back to sleep until I’d found it, because I’m not particularly up for losing my teeth at the age of 41 - or ever! I was on my hand and knees crawling round my bedroom on the hunt for it for 30 minutes – after 30 minutes I found it under a sock at the side of my bed, I kissed it and hugged myself. I’m sure I did kiss it because it’s so precious to me and I hugged myself for me to have a feeling of contentment before I went back to sleep, I felt so content and chuffed with myself I felt I deserved and wanted to hug myself, so I did, then, I even hugged my teddy bear.

Yep, I love my teddy bears even though I’m 41. Do you? If you do - don’t worry it’s cool.

Just because we become adults doesn’t mean we stop needing gentle, kind loving feelings towards us, even if we have to show them to yourself.

Do you remember when you were a child, if something / anything upset you, your parent(s) and / or your friends would hug you, to help settle your emotions and to reassure you that everything would be okay? I do remember this and yep, it helped me out.

Just because I’m an adult who doesn’t live with my mum anymore and I don’t see my friends at school everyday, I still need and deserve the feeling of reassurement, safety and contentment – if you do too, don’t feel silly for whatever you do that helps to lift your spirits – so long as it’s legal and healthy.

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1 Comment

This is lovely Laura. Self Compassion is so so importan. I’m glad youve written a blog post about this

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