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Blog: 85 Things to consider when choosing the right abode

We all want different things from a home, it also very much depends on how old you are and what your past home experience(s) have been like.

When looking for a place to call home in my 20s, I wanted to live not far from where I could shop, party and a place to walk, read and eat peacefully but not feel lonely – so a nice park nearby was essential.

In shared houses, house mates who were the following things were essential: clean, kind, easy going, a good laugh and happy for me to bring my friends round for: dinner or a party from time to time.

Now I’m in my 40s, I’m looking to buy a house for just myself, but hopefully I’ll have some children at some point, so a home with enough bedrooms for children and enough space for them to play and party as much as they need to. A pretty well sized garden would be loved to. I’m still young at heart, but I like things peaceful too, so I’ll look for an area that is young and funky, but with more mature professional type of people in the neighbourhood too, because I don’t want the sound of all night house parties too often.

I feel one should consider if one feels safe in the day and at night in the area I live, a not to long walk to a corner shop for essentials like milk, bread and chocolate would be good too, not too close to pubs, bars nor a nightclub, because nightly shenanigans are not what I want myself nor my unborn children to be exposed to.

Most people want different things and vibes about where they lay their head at night, and keep their belongings safe - that no doubt mean a lot to them.

I think it’s just really important to feel safe and happy where ever one chooses to live.

Close amenities are great if you have a life that you’re often to busy in. If you do, having a safe, chilled out and pretty home to relax in when you can is the best thing for one’s mental health.

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