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Blog: 78 Why do we sometimes think I'll do that when I'm older and more ready in my mind?

Do you often find yourself thinking I’ll do that task or that part of my life plan when I’m older?

I was like that when I was a teenager and in my 20s, I thought those things could wait until I’m middle aged. If this sounds like you now, or when you were living your youth to the max, consider these thoughts.

Firstly, as they like to say there really is no time like the present – to-do list tasks and emotional things to feel, but for many of us this is isn’t possible for a number of reasons. A serious, upsetting point is that we may not get a tomorrow or get to be middle aged or old, because any of us could pop our clogs without preparing for it to happen and so that makes the saying – there really is no time like the present so much more important for each of us.

To keep this from being an upsetting and serious post – think about these things:

Your interests, talents and goals might change as your lifetime goes by. Who knows, things you wanted to be good at or experience when you were younger might not be the same as how you feel about things in your future - in your older years.

Most of us self-develop as we get older, meaning we become wiser because of experiences we have probably had that we’ve survived and hopefully had some fun too, which have enabled you to give the world the best you. This usually means we have a broader view about life; so about Earth’s fellow human beings and what we should want to own and how we should be during our life. This is usually how we’re taught and marketed to that we should live our time on Earth.

Once upon a time you might have thought “I’ll probably prefer to do my ambitions when I’m older and more responsible – so I’ll find them easier”. Good old life’s challenges might get in your way of doing your thing(s), making it a lot harder to get and have what you want, so you can be who you want to be in your lifetime.

Basic to-do lists are there so your day-to-day life works smoothly. Wants and needs about what you want to do and who you want to be are great and important for you to have things to aspire to which should help to keep you motivated to live your life happily due to you becoming the best you possible.

I’ve found making a vision board that I keep in a place that I see each day helps me to remember who I want to be and achieve what I want to in my future. My vision board has my values, visions and goals written on it. E.G. My values are: my health, gaining wisdom, to experience various cultures and to live in a spiritual way. To have freedom by living in my own home, to be financially independent and to use my creativity doing and sharing my writing and to always continue my personal development. I’m doing all these things with integrity, having: pleasure and self-respect at all times.

I do my daily to-do lists that I keep in my diary, each morning and a few times a week I go to my vision board to make me feel happy and excited about my future.

By sticking to your daily to-do lists tasks and by keeping in mind what you want and possibly need in your future, will help to enable you to be who you want to be in each of your present moments. To do this make your mind shut up when it worries about things that have happened in your past and it's worrying about how you might not be successful getting what you want in your future life. Meditation helps your mind to be clear and quiet, so you can really experience where you are, doing what you’re doing and being who you’re with in each of your present moments.

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