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Blog: 70 How 2 behave when you're free of your lack of confidence&you want to really enjoy yourself!

If you struggle to let go of your inhibitions when you're enjoying yourself, here's how to let go of them and truly enjoy yourself and go with the feeling you've gained of joyfulness.

If you long for approval from society, when you want to have a sing song or a dance to celebrate something or so you can just enjoy yourself - either pretend as if you're on your own away from people in your home without a care in the world, or pretend you have a large audience who are enjoying your performance so much so they feel so happy they join in with your elatedly happy dance moves or your song you're singing.

They do this because you are an inspiration to many people who are usually shy, because you are demonstrating the joyfulness that can be had in one's life when one just let's go of the fear of looking rubbish or stupid - you should let go of your own fears, so you are able to help to put smiles on people's faces.

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